What is the best resin for wood coating and rivertables?

Our SuperGloss Epoxy Resin is great for coatings (thin 1/8" - 1/4" thick). 

If you are going to do thicker pours 1/2" + we recommend our Floral Epoxy for Deep Pour. Explanation below. 

It's not recommended to do that thick pours at one time. The reason why is thicker pours produce more heat from the chemical reaction. This can create the cracking and microbubbles we all want to avoid. 
1/2" and under pours are easier to manage the heat and micro bubbles. Once it starts to cure and is tac free (touch with a finger - not sticky) then another layer can be poured on top.
For thicker 2" pours, we recommend Floral Epoxy - for Deep Pour..  Again this has a longer pot life, is more viscous (like water) and resists the heat more naturally than other epoxy resin.
Have you thought about completing a river table before? Here is a post we created explaining more about river tables. Follow this link: 

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