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Glass made for Epoxy Resin Projects

Jazzy Glass (Lava Glass) is an indoor / outdoor safe product. Works with Resin, Glue, Paints, Plaster, Concrete, and more (Not a kiln safe product)

I have fallen in love with this resin. I have tried so many different ones from Amazon, Etsy, Hobby Shops all over and this is by far the best! Mixes so smoothly. Bubbles seem to disappear. It has made my product look better which is making them sell better!! This will be my 3rd time ordering from them and this is where I'll keep ordering from!  

- Catrina Glover

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3 Reasons Artists love Adding Jazzy Glass to our Epoxy Resin

1. It's an Indoor and Outdoor Safe Product

Jazzy Glass is amazing when Mixing with our Clear Epoxy resin.  

2. Extremely Versatile

Works with Epoxy Resin, Glue, Paints, Plaster, Concrete, and Some Even GLOW

3. It Won't Change Colors over Time

Jazzy Glass is the top choice of professionals because it won't yellow over time! Pros choose Jazzy Glass to ensure they get spectacular range for their projects every time. Give it a try to see the difference for yourself.

Looking for a little More GLOW or POP? 

You know that moment when you've applied the PERFECT coat to the perfect design? It feels great, right? But it still feels like the project could use a little extra POP? 

We know what that feeling can be like. That's why we added Jazzy Glass to our Product List. It's a perfect compliment to Epoxy Resin Art. 

We heard from creators that epoxy resin rocks can be yellow over time and they needed a more stable solution to add to the projects.

We're proud to say we were able to add Jazzy Glass to our line up. It looks gorgeous, retains the color and clarity of glass and is long lasting. 

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Finally, we knew that we had to make Jazzy Glass affordable enough for professional creators to keep healthy profit margins when designing their projects.

Ready to get the best quality--and most affordable--epoxy resin Glass Rocks on the market?

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