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Epoxy Made for Hand-Finished Tumblers

FDA-Compliant, Fast Cure & Fewer Bubbles Lead to a Superior Finish that won't Yellow

I have fallen in love with this resin. I have tried so many different ones from Amazon, Etsy, Hobby Shops all over and this is by far the best! Mixes so smoothly. Bubbles seem to disappear. It has made my product look better which is making them sell better!! This will be my 3rd time ordering from them and this is where I'll keep ordering from!  

- Catrina Glover

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5 Reasons Creators Can't Stop Talking About Tumblers Coating Epoxy

1. It's like adding a layer of glass 

Tumblers coating Epoxy resin doesn't just cure super glossy (on virtually any surface), it also creates a water-resistant and scratch-resistant barrier. This results in a glass-like sheen that looks great on delivery and for a long time afterward, which means happy customers and more referral business.

2. Easy, Beginner-Friendly 1:1 Mix Ratio

Professionals love the results they get from this epoxy AND how easy it is to work with. The simple 1:1 mix ratio makes it easy for beginners and DIY'ers to get professional-quality results. So whether you want to make a few tumblers for your own use, or wow your customers, Tumber Epoxy makes it oh so easy to mix and apply!

3. It NEVER Yellows!

We're the top choice of professional sellers because our resin is UV Stable, which means it won't yellow over time! Pros choose Tumber Epoxy to ensure they get a spectacular, clear finish every time. Give us a try to see the difference for yourself.

4. Flows Well with Pigments, Dyes, & Mica Powders

When it comes to blending in pigments, dyes, and mica powders, beware! Not all resins are created equal. Many mixes won't hold color elements well. Tumblers Coating Epoxy was formulated to allow a loading level of up to 5% so you can create the perfect project!

5. Fast Cure & Predictable Working Time

Creators agree: there is nothing worse than an unpredictable working time. Tumblers Coating Epoxy resin has an approximate working time of 40-50 minutes depending on the volume and temperature. If you regularly use Tumblers Coating Epoxy in the same volumes and workshop settings, you'll quickly lock into an even more predictable working time for your circumstances. Once you're done working, Tumblers Coating Epoxy cures rock hard quickly with NO odors or harmful VOC's!

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Epoxy Made for Hand-Finished Tumblers

This is simply the best epoxy I have used. You get very few bubbles when mixing and it dries toa super gloss finish. I have used the epoxy on resin tables and have been extremely happy with the results. You will not find a better epoxy for the price. This is my go-to epoxy for all my epoxy projects.

Tim Brittingham

Formulated For Creators, By Creators!

You know that moment when you've applied the PERFECT coat to the perfect design? It feels great, right? But then, your resin fails you. It doesn't cure well or it starts to yellow. All that hard work is ruined.

We know the pain of creators, and the challenges of trying to adapt standard market resin products for use on tumbler projects. That's why we formulated Tumblers Coating Epoxy. 

Formulated and crafted in our Southern California HQ, we've proudly developed the first, and best, resin mix purpose-built for tumbler creators. Our premium, VOC-free ingredients are food-safe and FDA-compliant.

We heard from creators that our resin also needed to be UV stable, so it wouldn't yellow, and scratch-resistant. We're proud to say we were able to create a formula that cures like a rock...or, more accurately, like gorgeous, clear glass and stays UV stable for the long haul. 

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Finally, we knew that we had to make this formula affordable enough for you professional creators to keep up healthy profit margins.

Ready to get the best quality--and most affordable--epoxy resin for tumblers on the market?

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                  Tumblers Coating Epoxy            

I have worked with 3 resins including this one. Two of which were well known and on the expensive side. This brand I would recommend over the other two because of not only the great price but also the
superior quality!

Jeanne Marie 


See how easy it is to perfect your next project!

1. Prepare the work area first.
Much like painting, prep work is the most important and time-consuming part of the epoxy process. Make sure everything you'll need is easily at hand and your work surface and work area are protected.

For best results, work in an area that's approximately 70°F with the product starting at room temperature. 

Step 2: Measure Ingredients.
Tumblers Coating Epoxy is mixed with an easy 1:1 ratio. You'll need two measuring containers, with at least one of them big enough to hold (and mix) the full volume of resin. In separate containers measure equal amounts of Part A Resin & Part B Hardener.

Note: if you're using different sized containers to measure, be sure to use the larger container to measure the Part B Hardener.

Step 3: Mix Resin.  
Pour Part A Resin into the container with the Part B Hardener and mix gently for 2-3 minutes. Be sure to scrape the edges and bottom to ensure both elements are fully incorporated into the final mix.

Step 4: Add Tint (Optional).
If you're adding pigments, powders, or dyes you'll add them to the mixture now. Tumblers Coating Epoxy has a loading level of up to 5%.

Step 5: Apply & Enjoy!
With your cup or tumbler on a spinner, apply a thin coating using your hand (wearing a latex glove!) or a disposable crafting brush.

Epoxy will drip off of your project until it starts the gelling process. To make the most of your mixed epoxy, plan ahead and have additional tumblers ready to coat. Capture the run-off on a layer of plastic, a silicone tray, or mat and you can use it to finish another project!

I was starting out with my projects and used several other more expensive types of resin. Then I found this one. And OMG this is a must have over all others. I will continue to order this product for all my resin needs!

Angelique Howen - Customer

I have fallen in love with this resin. I have tried so many different ones from Amazon, Etsy, Hobby Shops all over and this is by far the best! Mixes so smoothly. Bubbles seem to disappear. It has made my product look better which is making them sell better!! This will be my 3rd time ordering from them and this is where I'll keep ordering from! - Catrina Glover 

Catrina Glover  - Customer

I'm a 70 year old Jack and always enjoy trying anything new. I ordered this resin a couple of months ago. Since I've purchased The Resin Store has sent me many emails wanting to know how I liked their product. Not many retailers give a hoot whether you make a purchase from them or not muchless contact a one time buyer which btw, I will certainly be ordering again very soon. Several folks have asked me where I got the Resin so, they will be ordering as well. These folks are fantastic.... Got it in several days here in Michigan....very easy to work with, super clear, super smooth and looks great! They strive to please the customer.

Michael Pinar  - Customer