This is a quick explanation of how to calculate how much epoxy resin you need without our calculator here. 

You simply multiple the length of the pour by the depth of the pour by the width of the pour. This provides you the volume (cubic inches) of material you need.

** If calculating an uneven area, calculate the average of each measurement.

I.E. If the average width of the pour is not the same, measure the width every 6 inches along the entire work piece and then divide by the total number of measurements you just took to determine the average measurement. 

We estimate conservatively 1 gallon of mixed material contains about 220 cubic inches.

Yes, the math does not match up. We know. In our experience it's just good practice to order more. You might want to run a test before a pour and/or you could have some unexpected leaks or mishaps. It's always better to have left overs than not enough.

So our example sizing is: 24.50” long x 12.5” width x 1.125" depth = 344.53 cubic inches

Now that we know how much volume (cubic inches) we need, and we know a gallon is about 220 cubic inches, Lets divide 344.53 by 220. This gives us 1.57 gallons. 

So now we know we need to order 2 gallons to make sure we have a little extra. 

Hope this was helpful. 


Mixing Instructions will be included with the kit and can be found online by following this link here. 

If you have questions about the epoxy resin, we created a handy comparison guide to help understand the different properties of our epoxy resin. Just follow this link here is a expert manufacturer in various epoxy resins that can be can used for your craft projects, professional projections and industrial applications too. We also offer colors, pigments, glitter, and other additives for various epoxy resin projects.


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