What is the best resin for jewelry?

This depends on your desired type of jewelry, size, thickness and what you are mixing into it matters. 

Here is a short doc I hope helps. 

Use LIQUID DIAMONDS resin for the first layer. Liquid Diamonds is thinner and because of its lower viscosity, it is very easy to pour and to have it seep into nooks and crannies. 

CLEARCAST 7050 resin for the top layer. It has a 45 minute work time, 8 hours for a touchable cure, 24 hours for full cure. This is excellent viscosity for Fluid Art. It is virtually odor free = VOC free and non-toxic, safe to use indoors. It cures ROCK HARD and CRYSTAL CLEAR
Yes, is has AMAZING ANTI-YELLOWING protection (HALS) and UV absorbers
Check out Myriam's Nature for a tutorial. https://youtu.be/EuHXKSzZZdw

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