Can you apply epoxy over stained wood?

Yes, you can apply our epoxy resin over stained wood. However, you have to be careful in doing so. You must make sure that the stain is properly dried before applying epoxy. This is to avoid non-sticking and easy-to-peel-off surfaces after a couple of months. 


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Patrick K Fitts

Patrick K Fitts

Re: Epoxy Over Stain
You said to make sure the stain is dry: it may feel dry but not “technically” BE dry. So if its dry to the touch is that dry enough. And I’m assuming you’re talking about oil base stain…?… Actually when i think about it, it can take a while to ACTUALLY be dry with oil base stain. Can you expound on and be more detailed in your answer?

Steve Davis

Steve Davis

Once the piece is stained and left to dry overnight.
Put cones under the project and pour in the center and spread around the piece

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