What is the best epoxy resin to use on Tumblers?

We commonly get the question "what can I use as an overlay for stainless steel, glass or plastic tumblers? 


Finally! An epoxy resin that's purpose-made for tumblers and creators. Tumblers Coating Epoxy was formulated to meet the unique needs of creators. We listened to your frustrations and created a product that's easy to work with, delivers an ultra-premium glass-like finish, is scratch-resistant, and UV stable so it won't yellow and ruin your hard work! If that weren't enough, we made it affordable enough for professional creators to keep their profit margins healthy and for DIY'ers to use quality products that deliver professional results!

  • Food Safe & Odor-Free:  We formulated Tumblers Coating Epoxy with 100% food-safe, FDA-compliant ingredients and made sure that it is odor-free with no VOCs. 
  • Gorgeous Glass-Like Finish: Sell your tumblers for top dollar thanks to the hard, scratch-resistant, clear glass-like finish. Mixes so smoothly that bubbles disappear! 
  • Tensile Strength, psi before cracking - 10,500
  • Easy 1:1 Mixing Ratio: No complicated math needed here! Simply mix equal parts resin and hardener to get the volume your project needs and create less waste!
  • Fast Cure & Predictable Working Time: We know how important it is to know how much time you have to work with resin materials! Tumblers Coating Epoxy has a working time of 40-50 minutes and cures FAST so your projects will look fantastic.
  • UV Stable, Won't Yellow: There's nothing worse than seeing a perfect project ruined when the resin yellows. Our epoxy is UV stable so it stays crystal clear!

A kit of Tumblers Coating Epoxy Resin contains equal amounts of epoxy and curing agent (measured by weight). Full instructions are also included within the package and online.

Hope this helps. 

Follow this link to view the product Tumblers Coating Epoxy | Food-Safe, Non-Yellowing Resin for Creators


Hope this was helpful. 

Let us know what you would like to create below in the comments.


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We created a handy comparison guide to help understand the different properties of our epoxy resin. Just follow this link here https://www.theepoxyresinstore.com/blogs/news/what-epoxy-resin-is-best-for-my-project

https://www.theepoxyresinstore.com/ is an expert manufacturer of various epoxy resins that can be used for both craft projects and industrial applications.

We also offer colors, pigments, glitter, and other additives for various epoxy resin projects.


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Is there one I can use for anything? Because I swear to all the deities—I am freaking invisible until I sit down and start working on a tumbler or pouring a mold and then everybody needs my input. I usually do not even remember what I measured out until it flash cures or something equally stupid.

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