What is the best epoxy resin to use on Tumblers?

We commonly get the question "what can I use as an overlay for stainless steel, glass or plastic tumblers? 

While we don't create tumblers ourselves so we are not the expert by any means, we do have feedback from our a lot of clients who are artists and creators that make/sell tumblers. 

The common use case we see is Clearcast 7050 being the most commonly used resin. The reason why is because the resin can have up to 45 minutes (ish) work time which can be incredibly helpful. It cures rock hard typically in 24hours (under recommended conditions) and it does'nt hurt the wallet like competing brands. 

Hope this helps. 

Clearcast 7050 is A Cycloaliphatic based epoxy system designed for the casting and coating of wood, metals, plastics, concrete, fiberglass, kevlar, stone, tile and concrete. 2:1 mix ratio, low viscosity, and a fast cure make this epoxy a candidate for all applications. Once cured this epoxy exhibits a clear, high gloss, rigid, finish. Clearcast 7050 is formulated to resist yellowing, chemicals, and moisture.

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