What is Epoxy Resin Used For?
Epoxy resin is a material made up of two different parts: epoxy and hardener. The two components are mixed to create a chemical reaction, which then causes the resin to harden. Epoxy resin is a very versatile material that can be used for various projects. It is strong and durable, making it the perfect choice for many applications. Epoxy resin is definitely worth considering if you need a material that will stand up to wear and tear. Below are some of the ways you can use epoxy resin:

As an Adhesive

Epoxy resin is one of the strongest structural adhesive options available. It can withstand a great deal of wear and tear, has high resistance to chemicals and weather elements, and can resist creep under sustained load, making it a reliable choice for many different applications. Commonly used in the aerospace, auto and manufacturing.

As a Coating

Epoxy resin is also used as a coating. It hardens when applied to surfaces, creating a protective layer on top of the material. When it comes to coatings, epoxy resin offers many benefits:

-Prevents corrosion and rust from forming on metal surfaces

-Protects wood from rotting or becoming infested with insects

-It can create waterproof barriers for boat restoration, also around windows, doors, and other entry points into buildings

-It has strong insulating properties.

Other popular applications of epoxy resin coatings include household items such as kitchen countertops, river tables, charcuterie boards, bathroom vanities, shelves, bookcases, workbenches and flooring. A massive industry emerged using epoxy resin to coat garage floors too.


Creating Custom Art with Epoxy

Have you ever painted on a fresh canvas before? Perhaps this method will open you up to even more possibilities using epoxy resin. Our friend & commissioned artist, Melissa Renee @Fieryfordeepblue has shared her methods in several epoxy resin art classes. View a quick demo of how she uses epoxy resin to create custom paintings here. 



Making Sculptures

Epoxy resin is often used to create sculptures. This material has a very smooth finish, giving it a sleek look popular with many artists. It can be poured into a mold and allowed to harden, resulting in a solid piece of art and even achieve crystal like formations. Adding a thickening agent like Cabosil Fumed Silica can help decrease the viscosity of epoxy resin, allowing it to be more moldable.

If you have not tried this combination yet, this might be worth considering.


In Electronics and Electrical Systems

Epoxy resins are used as coatings and adhesives for electronic components.

They provide excellent electrical insulation, mechanical strength, and resistance to heat, chemicals, solvents, saltwater, and other physical stress factors. Epoxies have found wide use in the electronics industry due to the low cost of raw materials combined with ease of application – they can be applied either by hand or machine.


For Repairs

Epoxy resin is typically a two-part adhesive that can be used for repairs. It is often used to fix broken objects or to create a sealant. The adhesive will harden and form a strong bond once mixed together. This makes epoxy resin ideal for repairing items such as vases, figurines, ornaments, and more. Epoxy resin is a versatile adhesive that can be used for various repairs. It is easy to use and hardens quickly, forming a strong bond. Whether you are repairing a broken object or creating a sealant, epoxy resin is an ideal choice for the job. 


Creating Custom Domino Castings

We commonly see creators using epoxy resin to create custom domino sets. Since we are able to mix pigments, glitters and dyes into the mix, this is a great time to add other unique items to your design too. Below is a quick video demo of a custom domino set being made. 



Are you ready to get started with epoxy resin? Contact The Epoxy Resin Store for more information or visit our website - theepoxyresinstore.com.



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