Common Epoxy Problems & Instant Solutions
Using an epoxy resin is a delicate business that requires precision. Despite the utmost care, it is virtually impossible to prevent any mistake for an epoxy craft. You are bound to come across at least one of these problems listed below. But don’t you worry! We’ve made sure to offer apt solutions for each one of these to bring you seamless craftsmanship of epoxy resin. Let’s troubleshoot:

The Annoying Particles

You will come across this problem the most. Something like an insect, fly, or debris may fall in your wet epoxy. That can ruin the appeal of your epoxy resin. To prevent anything like that, you can utilize a wooden stick or a tweezer to pick the foreign object and discard it. However, make sure that you do it while the epoxy is still wet. Once it starts hardening or drying out, there’s no turning back.

Hideous Uneven Hardness

There are two types of uneven scenarios while dealing with epoxy resin. You might either have a rough surface or uneven hardening. Both of these can prove daunting to deal with. For that, here are some pointers you can follow: For uneven hardness, try to use the sandpaper after the epoxy has dried out. By stroking and polishing your epoxy, you can potentially eliminate the patches of an uneven harness. After that, utilize a piece of cloth, preferably micro cloth, to wipe off the dust and debris from the epoxy. A professional always mixes a little extra epoxy for final finishing. Alternatively, you may use the remaining epoxy on the surface as a polishing measure to eliminate the uneven hardness and bring it to an elegant finish.

Melancholy Of Uneven Surface

The primary reason for the uneven surface of your epoxy resin is either the ambient conditions or the use of an older hardener or resin. Eitherway, you can solve these problems by utilizing a perfectly flat surface. There is a fiberglass option available to provide a flat surface. You can alternatively use them as scales to even out the epoxy surface. Take control of the temperature of your room and make sure that epoxy dries out and hardens after meeting certain conditions. Ensure proper ventilation and low humidity is maintained. Eliminate the use of a torch or heating device to dry out epoxy resin that would release bubbles and cause an uneven surface.

Against The Waves And Ripples

Another widespread problem you may encounter is the formation of waves and ripples in the epoxy resin. It is seemingly unavoidable when working with wood. The single best solution for this is to use an extra coating of epoxy resin. Additionally, you may use a seal coat to provide an extra layer to the epoxy, which will prevent bubbles as well. For the final touch, a flood coat is paramount for a seamless finish.

Persistence Of Countertop Problems

Countertop repairs are the most common services required for an epoxy. If you have placed it on the active zone with people using it, then it will receive scratches and other forms of damage. The best way to fix this problem is by using sandpaper and rubbing the scratched surface. You’d have to even out the entire body and then use a micro cloth to altogether remove the debris. After that, you may utilize a new layer of resin to provide the finishing gloss to the table, and it will return to be good as new.

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