Making an Ocean Reef Scene with The Epoxy Resin Store

Making a Reef Scene with The Epoxy Resin Store   

Epoxy Resin Creations are Only Limited to One's Imagination.

Check out the Incredible Reef Scene Process

Demonstrated by @thejuliart ! Simply Incredible!


You can follow along with this short tutorial. Follow this link to our Facebook page here



Step 1: 

Use some shaper sheets to create a custom mold for the ocean layer. Crinkle it up and make a possible ocean floor. 

? Where do I buy shaper sheets from? You can find them on Amazon, Joann, and Woodland Scenics. 

Let's add some thin plastic wrap over the shaper sheet to protect it for the next step.


shaper paper ocean reef

Step 2: 

Get your epoxy resin measured, mixed, and ready to pour. 


We can use our Platinum Clear Epoxy Resin for this found by following this link here. Platinum Clear Epoxy Resin 

Once the epoxy resin is mixed thoroughly, add a light blue pigment to the mix and mix into the epoxy resin. 

While finding colors to work with, think about the different layers of blues you may see in the ocean. The deeper you go the darker it may be right. So we can add the dark to the edges or the very bottom. Being creative is what this is all about. 

Next, we clean up our workspace, sit back and allow the epoxy resin to cure for approximately 24 hours. 

Once dry, we can demold from the shaper sheet and plastic layer. File down the edges, so they are not so sharp. 


ocean reef epoxy resin shaper paper

Step 3: 

Lets use the shaper sheet we just used and build a base/stand to hold up the Ocean layer. This will be the actual reef. 

This may require another piece of shaper sheet to create a large enough base (depending on your ocean layer size). 

** Very important step. Make sure the ocean layer will sit level within the base. 

Now that we have the base perfect, lets make sure it holds form by adding some sculpting concrete to the outer layer of the shaper sheet. 

** Please follow the instructions on how to mix and apply the sculpting concrete. 

We like to use a small brush to apply. Use enough to cover the entire shaper sheet. 

Once dry, make sure the ocean layer fits well and is still level. This may require some adjustments. 


shaper paper and concrete epoxy resin

Step 4:

Now that the mold is dry, we can add some color and some finishing touches to really sell the effect of the shaper sheet being the ocean reef. 

** Glow powders can be very useful here too…

** Sneaky trick, pull up a picture of the ocean reef on your phone or computer to model after. 

Adding seashells, twigs, and other decor items can really bring it all to life too! 

Many of these decor items can be found at local pet stores & craft stores. 

Now add your lighting and enjoy! 


ocean reef with glow powders and epoxy resin


Hope this was helpful. 

Let us know what you would like to create below in the comments.


**If you made it this far down, We occasionally pick the best comment to win a giveaway. -hint-hint


We created a handy comparison guide to help understand the different properties of our epoxy resin. Just follow this link here is an expert manufacturer of various epoxy resins that can be used for both craft projects and industrial applications.

We also offer colors, pigments, glitter, and other additives for various epoxy resin projects.


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Ocean reefThe juliart


Annette Hausle

Annette Hausle

How long do you wait to put on a second coat. I used it on a canvas.



I just have a question. Can this video be viewed anywhere else but Facebook?

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