moon rocks glow in the dark epoxy rock

These Multi-purpose Moon Rocks Glow a Magnificent Aqua Color. They are great for home decor, Epoxy Resin Casting, and Epoxy Resin Art & crafts. 

Best of all, They have a Long life and are reusable for many projects. 

Before lamp light or sunlight.  
After Lamplight or sunlight.


How do I make them glow?

Just put them under sunlight or lamplight to absorb light for an hour then take them to a darker room and you will see the glow. They can glow for hours.


A bag contains approximately 2 ounces of various sized and shaped rocks. 

2oz is Plenty Moon Rocks to test inside new projects and even create several masterpieces once you see the true potential. 


Grab some here, follow this link


Aqua glow - moon rocks

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