Have you tried using epoxy resin on fractal burnt wood?


Trevor of @bruceburnswoodshop will show us how he uses his fractal burnt wood with our Super Gloss epoxy resin to create impressive fractal burnt wood projects. 

What is Fractal burning? Lichtenberg burning or wood fracking refers to a technique where a Lichtenberg figure is burnt into wood using high voltage electricity.

We purposely did not choose the video wherein fractal burning was done since it is very dangerous. This art has many nuances you don't want to learn the hard way. Many of the artists using this technique have professional electrical backgrounds.

Please don't try fractal burning without consulting an experienced professional prior.  



Thank you for sharing your dangerous but unique artistry with us  @bruceburnswoodshop! Always looking forward to seeing your awesome projects!

Things to prepare: 


Step 1:


Please mix Super Gloss Epoxy. This is a 1:1 ratio epoxy resin. We slowly mix together an equal part of both part A and part B. Please scrape both the bottom and edges of the mixing cup for approximately 2-5 minutes. 



Step 2:


Please add the powder pigment and slowly mix it thoroughly together.



Step 3:


Pour the colored epoxy mixture into the cracks and crevices. Pour in most of it on the densely burnt part of the wood.




Step 4:


Distribute the colored epoxy mixture onto the burnt part of the wood using a squeegee or straight edge tool. Once the board is thoroughly covered with it, let it cure and dry to touch for at least 24 hours. 



Step 5: 


Scrape any excess epoxy off of the sides of the burnt part of the wood. You may want to consider lightly sanding too. Be careful not to go deep into the fractures. 



Step 6:


After you have the desired, smoothness of the wood, you have multiple options. Stain it / treat it or add a clear coat of epoxy for that ultimate luster and shine. 

We prefer the shine. 

You can apply a 1/8" layer of clear Super Gloss as a seal coat. This may require several 1/8" thick coats. Allow each coat to cure. 

Once cured and dry, try buffing as demonstrated in our post here with a polishing pad and buffing compound. 


I hope this was helpful. 


Here is the demo video showing how it is done:





Let us know what you would like to create below in the comments.


**If you made it this far down, We occasionally pick the best comment to win a giveaway. -hint-hint



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Fractal burning

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