Simple Step by Step Polyaspartic Floor Coating

If you want your floor coating to be stronger, don't skip PRIMING the Floor day. It's kind of like leg day at the gym, but more important. 😎

This step-by-step tutorial on how to create an amazing epoxy floor will help remove worry if you've never done this before; we're going to cover everything you need to know, one step at a time. 

Follow our beginners guide to polyaspartic flooring in this video

Let's talk about safety.

Whenever you are working on projects like this, it’s essential to deck yourself out in the proper protective gear.

That means, have good air ventilaition, knee pads to save your knees, earplugs to dampen those loud noises, and a mask to keep your lungs clear.

Safety first, always.

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Let's Start Grinding to Perfection

grind floor for polyaspartic coating

First things first, let's prep our work area. Since we're dealing with a moderate space, we'll be using an angle grinder fitted with a diamond cut blade. It's the perfect tool to rough up the surface of the concrete.

We're also going to be smart about the mess - hooking up a dust shroud and vacuum to the grinder prevents the rest of the place from turning into a winter wonderland of concrete dust. Believe me, dust will be in places you wish you covered. 

Our main goal here is to remove the smooth top layer of the concrete. It's similar to scoring a surface before applying a sticker—you want to give your epoxy every chance to grip the surface firmly.

Make sure you cover every inch of the floor for the best results.

Deep Clean

clean flooring

After grinding, the next step is to vacuum up all the gritty remnants of your hard work. But don't stop there; give your floor a thorough cleaning to ensure it's as dust-free as possible.

A clean floor means less trouble with dirt particles trying to photo-bomb your resin's finish.

Priming for Success

prime the flooring area

Now, with the stage all set and the floor spick and span, it's time to mix our primer.

I'm a fan of the epoxy primer from The Epoxy Resin Store—it’s like the perfect undercoat for your floor, ensuring it’s thoroughly sealed and blockades any unwanted moisture or vapor leaks.

coat the primer on the flooring to seal

When you pour, don't just slop it around. Take a squeegee to spread it evenly, pushing it into every nook and cranny. I can’t stress enough how thorough you need to be. Then, zoom in with a roller and tend to the edges like they're the crown jewels.

"Give your primer a full day to cure. It needs time alone to solidify the great relationship it’s starting with your concrete floor."

Tape Time

cover the entire area with primer

Before you go any further, let's tape the base of the walls. It's an essential step to ensure that our next layers don't go overboard and stick to where they're not supposed to. It's all about the details, folks.

Polyaspartic Perfection

choose your polyaspartic

Now we’re getting to the exciting part—mixing up the polyaspartic resin! The beauty of this stuff is that it gives us a nice, long work time and the end result is as hard as rock.

Once mixed, apply it just like you did the primer—squeegee and roller in hand, go to town on the surface.

squeegie the coating

After you smooth that first layer of polyaspartic goodness, let it cure for 24 hours. Patience is a virtue, my friends.

Sand and Scuff

scuff and sand the cured

With the first layer set, it’s time to sand and scuff it up a bit. It may seem like you’re undoing your hard work, but this step ensures the next layer holds on even stronger.

After a quick dance with the sander, whip out some Windex and a duster to spruce it all up before the final act.

cleaning the floor again

Marble Mania

spiked epoxy shoes

For this floor, our customer requested a marbled effect—très chic! Donning spiked shoes, which are practically the high heels of the epoxy world, allows you to waltz over the resin without leaving a mark.

marble effect polyaspartic coating

Now for the fun part: strategically drop pigmented resin onto the floor and roll them gently into the existing layer, creating swirls of color resembling natural marble. Keep going until the entire floor is a masterpiece.

add the marble effect

Block out another day for curing before it’s time to peel back the tape and reveal the transformation to your awestruck customer. 

And there you have it—a step-by-step approach to upgrading your flooring with polyaspartic that not only looks fantastic but is durable too.

coating the floor with polyaspartic epoxy

Remember to work safely, take your time, and have some fun with it. Until next time, happy flooring!

clean up and allow cure

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