Pro Tips for Cleaning up Epoxy Resin

Here are some Pro Tips for Cleaning up Epoxy Resin... We added a link to our Instagram too because our followers had some really good ideas too, we added them below... 

 This all started when I was trying to figure out how to mix, pour, and cure in a small space without blowing up the area and landing in the dog house... 

 Here's a snippet of what one of our followers added on Instagram...


Gloves, warm water bath to warm up resin, Stir stick, wax paper to lay down while working, 2nd cup to pour into to finish mixing, timer to time yourself for mixing. Nearby clockworks. silicone mold to pour into, toothpicks to help the bubbles rise and to remove any hair, heat gun to help to pop bubbles, torches easily can ruin molds. A flat level surface to allow the pieces to cure onto and a coverless storage tub flipped upsidedown to cover while curing. If not using a mold torch can be used. And alcohol to help remove any unwanted resin, baby wipes works great too.

Clean up epoxy resin tips

Hope this helps,

Jason - Hands covered in resin makes for a long handshake...

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