How to use cold epoxy resin?

As the temperature starts to lower for most of North America, we sometimes forget the epoxy resin needs to be working in a warm-weather environment.

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Remember the ideal environment is in a room temperature between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit (75-85 even better).

This is important because while mixing the two components together, they will produce heat, the mixture will cool off quickly if the room temperature is too cold.

cold weather epoxy resin

💪 Pro-tip thanks to one of our subscribers... make a small sauna (hot box). Not for yourself 😍😍😍 but the actual product.

Set it inside during the cure. Be sure the temperature is steady throughout the entire cure. A drop in temperature will have a negative effect. 

💪 Another quick fix during cold weather is to help move the resin better is to place the sealed containers inside a warm bowl of water for 10 to 15 minutes (Don't let water inside of the resin containers).

💪 Be sure you use paper towels to dry the containers thoroughly prior to pouring. A drop of water will ruin your day and your project.

A couple of ways to know it is too cold is the resin will be thicker and even chunky. During the mixing process, it can turn milky. The cloudiness is actually cold infused microbubbles you cannot get out of the cure with a torch.


 Shout out to the Youtuber on "Tech this out meow", who made a solid resin cure box - DIY style and walks through the entire process. Here it is.


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