Let's make creative dominoes with Platinum Clear Epoxy!


Here's how to create a beach-themed domino set using epoxy resin. 


Thank you for sharing your creativity @shenpop_art.

A full demo video is located below. 




To get started, please prepare the following:



Step 1:

Mix parts A & B of our Platinum Clear Epoxy resin, This is a 1:1 ratio epoxy resin. We mix equal parts of part A and part B here. 

Slowly stir and scrape both the bottom and edges of the mixing cup for approximately 2-5 minutes, then we should be ready to move to the next step.

***Make sure there are no spots within the mixing cup that have not been scraped and mixed correctly.




Step 2:

Lightly spray rubbing alcohol that is at least 91% onto the mold. This can be used as a method to release bubbles.

In this video, we are doing this before and after each layer we add to the domino.

***Anything lower than 91% has a higher water content and may cause sticky resin and uneven cures.



Step 3:

Pour the properly mix of epoxy resin into the mold filling only filling half of each domino mold. 




Step 4:

Release bubbles with another light spray of alcohol again.

An alternate method to release bubbles is by using a small hand torch. You can briskly wave the torch accross the mixture (approximately 6"-12" away). The heat will help release the bubbles too.  



Step 5: 

Wait for approximately an hour before adding the beads so they don’t sink to the bottom of the mold. The waiting allows the epoxy resin mixture to start its gelling process just prior to the cure. 




Step 6:

Mix up another batch of epoxy resin mixture just like we previously mentioned above. This will be used to fill the remaining portion of the mold. This time we will be adding some sand using sand from @michaelsstores. 



Step 7:

Apply the epoxy resin sand mixture to the top of the previous layer. 




Step 8:

Let it cure for approximately 24 hours at 75F. We highly recommend covering your projects with a large clean box to prevent bugs or dust from getting into the mix. 



Step 9:

Fill the dots and the line in the center with a contrasting color epoxy resin based pigment of your choice, and let it cure. 




Hope this was helpful.

Here is the video demos to review too! 







Let us know what you would like to create below in the comments.


**If you made it this far down, We occasionally pick the best comment to win a giveaway. -hint-hint


We created a handy comparison guide to help understand the different properties of our epoxy resin. Just follow this link here https://www.theepoxyresinstore.com/blogs/news/what-epoxy-resin-is-best-for-my-project

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DominoPlatinum clear epoxy resin




Very nice! I love the idea of making dominoes. I was thinking of making some coasters with some shells from the beach that I have but I may do this as well.

Monique Lozano

Monique Lozano

I am very versatile and I use a wide variety of mediums for my art. It is amazing that I can use epoxy on just about every project I create. From jewelry, to using my molds, and my most reciente endeavor is using it on my canvas paintings adding depth and dimension.(I attempted to add a picture however I was unable to🙁😁) To be honest I love your products and have fun using them. Thank you for the tip about using 91 to 99 percent alcohol to help reduce bubbles. Your product, when mixed well, doesn’t give me too many bubbles however perfection is what I strive for in my art so I appreciate the tip. You have a customer for life. Thank you. Mo

April Biddle

April Biddle

I can’t wait to try this. I have had the sand from Michaels for awhile. These are way to awesome. I have made one set of just basic epoxy resin dominoes. So wish me luck.

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