Let’s make a 3-tier serving tray out of epoxy resin!

Let's DIY a custom 3-tier serving tray using epoxy resin and jazzy glass.



Mostof us have seen these at special events or family occasions, typically holding the desserts.😋 Now we have a chance to create our show-stopping display. Thank you for teaching us how you made this beautiful 3-tired tray @kelseys_korner_!


Here is a list of what we need: 

We are using large silicone molds here.

If you don't buy them, you can make your custom molds with shaper sheets, outlining a design with silicone caulking, or rolling up edges of plastic wrap to make a form. (new post about creating molds coming soon). 

These molds should have a plug in the middle to help form the hole needed for the tiers. ***If you forget, we can always use a power drill to make the appropriately sized holes. 


Step 1:

Now that we have our molds clean and ready to use let's get started. First arrange the Jazzy Glass on the mold. They may shift a little bit as we pour the epoxy resin. 




Step 2:

For this project, we are using Liquid Diamonds Epoxy Resin. This epoxy resin is 2:1 ratio. We are going to mix two parts of part A resin into 1 part of part B hardener. Mix slowly, and be sure to scrape the bottom and edges. Mix for approximately 3-5 minutes. 

Once mixed, splitting the mixture into smaller cups will help allow us to mix up several different colors.  

Once the colors are setup and ready to go, pour the colored epoxy mixtures slowly into the molds to get your desired effect. 



Step 3:

Let it cure for 24 hours at 75F.

***Special note, it may be a good idea to check on the molds a few times during the first 30 minutes. Check for microbubbles. You can use a small hand torch to release them. If you are in a dusty environment or an area with several bugs, we like to cover the items with a clean container or box. 



Step 4:

Everything should be dry to touch. If a part is tacky or uncured, we may need to troubleshoot or let it cure a little longer.

If all dry, let's add a 3D layer with UV resin and more Jazzy Glass. 

For this step, coat the Jazzy Glass pieces with UV Resin and place them on the molds.



Step 5: 

Let it dry/cure with the UV light. This curing process can take approximately 1-3 minutes, depending on the strength of the UV light. 



Step 6:

If we have the design we like we can start working on setting up the 3 tier structure to hold our molds. Attach and screw the stand for the tiers.



For more details and to view a quick demo, watch the video below.  


I hope this was helpful and inspired some ideas!

Here is the demo video showing this process:





Let us know what you would like to create below in the comments.


**If you made it this far down, We occasionally pick the best comment to win a giveaway. -hint-hint



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