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Hi there, fellow crafting enthusiasts! Juliart here, greeting you from the heart of Artful Elements Studio.

Today, we'll get super artistic with a product dear to my heart—an ally in many of my crafting escapades.

Let us unveil the wonders of French bullion wire, a material as whimsical as it is versatile, and perfect for crafting DIY bezels. Watch here https://youtu.be/z8tPoNV173E  


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The Enchantment of French Bullion Wire

Imagine pasta, but not just any pasta—think magical, metallic spaghetti with a dazzling array of colors. That's French bullion wire for you! With its splendid fluidity, it's not hard to see why I'm mesmerized by it. Let me introduce you to my mini collection: here's the rose gold with its unique texture, and the classic shimmering gold—each roll a tapestry of potential.

French bullion isn't just beautiful, it's practical, too. Being metal, it's the go-to for a whole spectrum of clay projects. Whether you're working with quick cure clay, polymer clay, or delving into the world of resin—French bullion is your steadfast companion.

create bezel with wire epoxy resin tutorial video

It's All in the Coil

Now, let's dissect this a bit. French bullion is essentially a very fine wire, coiled to perfection, resulting in that "noodley" effect we all adore. The springy design lends it a fluidity that is simply unparalleled. And if you're curious about its finesse, just watch as I gently tease it apart to showcase the slender coils.

Once a mainstay for French embroidery and even my old ceramic projects, the uses for French bullion have exponentially grown. In our hands, lie an array of molds and resin techniques ready to be partnered with this exceptional wire.


Crafting the Bezel: A Step-by-Step Journey

Alright, it's bezel-making time! First things first, you'll need a pattern. Whether you decide to draw or print, it's your foundational blueprint. And hey, don't forget the resin tape—our little secret to keeping everything in place.


Creating the Outline

Here's a tip: start with a simple teardrop test. French bullion's fluid nature sets it apart from regular wire. It gracefully conforms to the contours of your design, allowing you to trace the outline with precision. And if you're looking to add rigidity, threading an additional wire through can work wonders.

Lay down your design beneath a silicone mat for a clear view, then secure it with tape. Slice the right amount of gold bullion to match your outline, and prepare your trusty tools: wire cutters, tweezers, and something to maneuver the resin. Oh, and let's not forget about those adorable eye pins with the tiny balls at the end!


Filling the Shapes

diy bezel with wire epoxy resin tutorial video

With your outline ready, reach for the epoxy resin—UV resin, in this case, from The Epoxy Resin Store. Fill in your wire shape with just enough resin to create a base, spreading it meticulously to reach every nook and cranny of your design.

Now, the fun part: embellish to your heart's content! Sprinkle in your favorite glitter, add some sparkle with rhinestones, or if you're using a Cricut or Cameo, consider adding a cutout beneath your wire for an extra layer of awe.


A Quick Cure and Unveil

After a dash of glitter and gems, it's time to cure your masterpiece. Ensure a thorough job—UV light must reach every part of the resin. And then, simply peel it off and marvel at your creation.

Can you imagine the possibilities? Holiday ornaments, eerie Halloween accents, or even dainty charms for special gifts—the sky's the limit, and French bullion wire is ready to elevate your designs.

diy bezel with wire fast cure epoxy resin tutorial video

The Final Touches

For this project, I've decided to affix the dragonfly bezel at an angle atop a cork, giving it a whimsical touch. A little bit of UV resin or superglue secures the eye pins in place, adding structure and intrigue.

There you have it—a dazzling French bullion wire dragonfly bezel, ready to charm!

Wrap Up and Inspiration

Remember, getting creative with French bullion wire is just the beginning. Consider painting the wire or integrating it into larger artworks. Your creativity knows no bounds! 

creating diy bezel with wire with fast cure epoxy resin guide video

I've adored sharing this magical crafting experience with you. Take this inspiration, and venture forth into the endlessly fascinating world of DIY bezels and beyond. Who knows? Perhaps a bumblebee-shaped bezel is just around the corner!

Until our next crafty rendezvous, embrace the art of creation, and may your hands weaver wonders with French bullion wire. 

You can find more creations by Juliart here.



Creating art with French bullion wire can be transformative for your crafting projects.

Happy crafting!

Stay tuned for more epoxy resin guides and be sure to check out our other blog posts for more tips and tricks. 

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Epoxy resin tutorial


Amy ChaplinChurch

Amy ChaplinChurch

Epoxy Resin Tutorial



Epoxy Resin Tutorial

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Tami Miller

Epoxy resin tutorial. Very cool thank you

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