What is the shelf life of your epoxy resin products?

What is the shelf life of your epoxy resin products?

All solvent-free epoxies have essentially unlimited shelf lives so long as they are stored in sealed containers. The resin may crystallize or the hardener may darken (YELLOW) but this does not affect its performance. If the material is more than a year old do a test to satisfy yourself that it cures properly. We recommend 24 months as a universal shelf life for our products, although we also recommend using the product within a few months prior to any possible material changes. 


The hardener oxidizes from oxygen which can discolor it slowly while stored over time. Sometimes the user believes it is not good (hence throwing away). Reality is the material may still be good, but just does not look the same. 


As always, please test a small amount prior to any large installations. 


Order more as you need it. We mix our formulas based on order volume so it's the freshest you can get on the market.  


I did a test recently with some older yellow mix... Check it out...



old resin yellow? useable? Yes. Can u tell us which coaster/s is from the yellow resin? 1, 2, 3, 4? 👍  #epoxy

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