What do I do when the epoxy resin turns milky or starts crystallizing?

This is a great question. 

The resin turning milky or crystallizing is a common occurrence with resin. This typically occurs more frequently when subjected to either weather below 50 degrees, stored on concrete, or stored on metal surfaces. I know it's in a plastic container right... But being directly on the ground or on a metal surface has an effect on the chemicals. 

What do I do when the epoxy resin turns milky or crystallizing

When the changing of the resin occurs it typically starts at the bottom of the container.

💪 How do we fix this? 💪

A simple fix is to place the bottle in warm water (make sure no water gets in) let it stand in the warm water for about 15 minutes. 

For the future storage of the resin, place it on top of wood or double up on cardboard surfaces. 

If we have to store containers in our warehouse, we sit them on top of MDF wood planks (set up on shelving) or wooden tables off the floor. No ground, and no metal surfaces 💪. Also, if your body is cold where you are at, the resin is likely too cold aswell. 


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CrystallizingMilky resinWhat do i do when the epoxy resin turns milky or crystallizing

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