To Respirator or Not to Respirator?

This is a common question our epoxy resin users ask us...

and very important.

We always urge you to use the most personal protective equipment (PPE) while handling any chemical.

These items could be eyeglasses, respirators, nitrile gloves, and aprons as examples. PPE is especially important if you have allergies or have had previous sensitivities to other epoxy resins/smells.

Always prep your area in advance by ensuring you have a well-ventilated area. Use fans as needed.

Working in small unventilated areas is not recommended. Now when it comes down to handing the epoxy resin we sell...

The reason you may see other users not using respirators while handling our epoxy resin is that our epoxy resin is non-toxic and has zero VOC's.

They do not off-gas like other polyester-based and/or polyurethane-based epoxy resins.

Don't misconstrue this message.

We like using PPE and recommend it 100%.

It's much easier to remove accidental splashes from a respirator, glasses, or gloves than it is from our skin and clothing.


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Linda Reed

Linda Reed

What brand of respirator do you recommend?

Victory Vibes

Victory Vibes

Hi! I did notice that your epoxy resin does not have that awful strong chemical smell that some other expoxys have. I suppose that’s because yours is non toxic. I do wear a mask and have my window fan set on exhaust when working with resin. I also noticed that your resin is very clear and cures quickly. Just thought I’d leave my two cents!

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