I found this to be a little more fun than pushing a poppit button

If you have kids, you likely have 1 or 2 poppits floating around your house. I've played with them a little just to see what it's all about. My kids love them, so we will just leave it like that. 


Now working with epoxy resin can be a messy situation. If you use one of our silicone mats you will find the work space to be a little bit more clean when it's all done. 


But the mat is all clogged up... "What do I do?" 



Check it out... we have like 20 mats in this vid that needed a little refresh. I found peeling the epoxy from them to be a little bit more fun than pushing the silicone button on my kids poppit toy. 


Plus we gave some away...



Check it out... 







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