How to create fake ice cubes for tops of Tumblers with UV Resin

Want to know How to Create the Fake Ice Cube look on the Top of Custom Tumblers? 


A Quick Video Demo is located below this article.  


We created this quick article describing how, following a video by our friend at Kelsey's Korner. You can find more info and creations by her here @kelseys_korner_. Additional thanks to @createstudios_diy for hosting the "Makers Gonna Make" event. 


Before we get started, let's gather supplies. 


We will need: 


  • UV Resin
  • UV Light - Recommended having large lamp & UV pen
  • Tumbler Top
  • Stones/Ice Cubes (acrylic or epoxy resin based)
  • Simulated Fruit (acrylic or epoxy resin based)



Step 1.

Seal the tumbler cup top with UV Resin. IF the tumbler top has a seal that opens and slides back to close, we want to seal it in the closed position and fill any gaps underneath the slide with the UV Resin. (The lid can be sealed open or with a gap for a straw too, just be sure to fill any gaps that mildew may build up in). 


***The goal is to prevent any unwanted buildup underneath the design we are about to create.


uv resin secure tumbler lidsecure sliding lid shut


To do this simply, apply enough UV Resin to fill the crevice then secure the lid from sliding back open. Be sure you are securing the lid in the closed position. The owner would likely not be able to drink from the top with the design on it. This is why permanently closing the lid is most ideal in this scenario.


Apply UV light to the area for 1-3 minutes. It will cure both clear and rock hard. 



Step 2.

Now that the gaps are filled, cured, and dry to touch, we are going to apply a moderate coating of UV Resin to the top again. We will apply the coating where we will place the stones to simulate the ice cube base. 


***This time we are going to place the stones onto the uncured UV Resin. Be sure the stones are in contact with enough of the UV Resin coating to adhere to the top once we apply UV light. 


secure UV resin to lid secure UV resin to lid



Step 3.

We can also build with simulated acrylic or epoxy resin fruit decor, glitter, sequence etc. to complete the design. Just be sure each piece is secured with UV Resin.


The UV pen becomes very handy when handling smaller decor. Just apply a small amount of UV Resin to the item and secure it with the UV pen light.


secure UV resin to lid

secure UV resin to lid



Step 4.

Once we have the desired look with the stones and simulated fruit, we can place the entire lid under a larger UV light to cure the entire project. Again allow 1-3 minutes for the cure. 


cure simulated stones with UV light



Step 5.

Now just make sure all the items are secured to the lid. If any items are loose, apply a small amount of UV Resin and cure it with the UV light again. 


Hope this was helpful.


UV resin tumbler top with simulated ice cubes and fruit top



Here's the quick demo video by Kelsey's Korner. You can view it on either our Youtube channel or Instagram feed. 







Let us know what you would like to create below in the comments.


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Lorie Anne Cloud Majors

Lorie Anne Cloud Majors

I’ve been so afraid to use UV Resin in stead of Epoxy because I was thinking it was a waste of time. Now that I’ve seen this video I know already that UV Resin is going to be my go to project to be able to save me time & money so I can please my customers sooner. Thanks to TheEpoxyResinStore for encouraging me to try something I’ve never tried in the past. #quick&simple

MC Shanks

MC Shanks

Looks really cool. How ever, could you not leave an opening for a straw so when you are sitting on our lounge at the pool sipping your drink, everyone stops and asks about it?

Mable Jenkins

Mable Jenkins

Hi! This is great, but having to remove the lid to drink somewhat defeats the purpose of the tumbler. How about leaving the opening in the open position, adhering a few pieces of ice/fruit at a time to the top except for the area where you insert the straw. Slowly build it up and you can still use your straw. Or you can create a car coaster small enough to fit on the lid. Epoxy small magnets to the top of the lid and the bottom of the coaster. Decorate the top of the coaster. Voilà! It’s removable for cleaning!



wow. uv resin looks way easier to use than I thought. thank you. I will try it.

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