How much powder or pigment is needed per gallon of epoxy mixture?

How much powder or pigment is needed per gallon of epoxy mixture?

The amount of pigment solely depends on the outcome that the user wants. It depends on the shade of the color and transparency. 

We recommend adding pigment in small amounts. You can start with an eighth of a teaspoon and add gradually while mixing.

Stay under 5%-7% pigment to epoxy resin mix is most ideal.

It will reduce the likleyhood of any curing issues. If you add to much it may not cure correctly. 

Normally, castings will need less pigment whereas thin coatings will need more pigment. 

Epoxy with 2:1 mix ratio needs less pigment while those with a 1:1 mix ratio need more.

Start small, pour it out see what it looks like. For a more translucent effect use very small drips. For deep colors, use closer to the 5-7% ratio.

You can always add more to the next batch you pour and it will mix well into the previous pour as long as you get it on there before gelling occurs (which is typically 30 minutes).  


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Robin Ivey

Robin Ivey

I am just starting to learn about crafting…I want to some coasters and a tray… would like to see some detailed instructions on how to do this, and to see if you have learners kits that includes molds and everything needed…Also, some alternative trick….

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