Stay at Home Mom and Epoxy Resin Artist
We want to celebrate an artist who has been creating beautiful objects using epoxy resin and her creativity. Meet Raven. 

Hi, My name is Raven and I am a Full-Time Stay at Home Mom AND Full-Time Epoxy Resin Artist. The type of art I like to create is mainly made with "molds", otherwise called castings.

By using Molds I am able to create amazing shapes such as Trinket Dishes, Jewelry, Jewelry Boxes, Animals, and even Words and Letters! I started using Epoxy Resin to help support myself through some hard times in my life.

Using resin has made my life a lot easier, it has helped me to keep my focus and keep going, even though the hardest (and the messiest!) of times.
Sometimes the hardest things in life create the most beautiful outcomes and that alone can be a lesson learned.
I spend the majority of my days taking care of my 3-Year-old Son who has been diagnosed with Autism this year. He is a very happy, very lively, and very loving little boy who I cannot thank god enough for giving me. He has changed my life in so many ways and has helped me to understand so many things not only about Autism but about life and just enjoying what you have right now at this moment. I cannot wait to show my little boy what I have built when he gets older in the hope that he will someday join his mom in the craft. To run a small business with my family is my ultimate dream!

I created my little Shop online called CraftyMaineMom to help to support this hobby financially, a hobby in which I wish to eventually make into a small business. 

This type of craft is not known by many in my area and to be able to show people "Yes, You can even make something like this with a little effort and a little practice if you put your mind to it!" is worth doing.
I try my best to inspire others to try something they haven't, you will never know where you can go if you never try!
My Instagram and Facebook pages both have a lot of informative information to help you if you are interested in Epoxy Resin. I primarily like to use Alcohol Inks and/or Nature such as Flowers, Pine-cones, Leaves, Lichens, and sometimes butterflies and dragonflies (which have passed naturally).

If stuck in a rut come and check out my pages, have a question? Send me a message! I am always ALWAYS happy to help anyone who has a question about using resin. I will answer all questions to the best of my knowledge. Thank you so much for reading about me and my life! 

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