Epoxy Resin Uses for Pros and Beginners

Epoxy resin is the "power liquid" in many industries. You'll find it everywhere and everyone seems to be using it. Artists, jewelry makers, and aircraft mechanics among many others rely on it for various functions.

With the many different epoxy resin uses there is, professionals can accomplish a variety of things with a gallon of epoxy resin in hand. However, among the many functions that it is currently being used nowadays, there are four top uses for which it is usually recommended for.

Top epoxy resin uses and functions

1. Epoxy Resin as an adhesive

There are many different adhesives in the market, but epoxy resin is one of the most sought after. Epoxy resin is a thermosetting compound that is usually mixed with a hardener to create a strong reliable adhesive.

On its own, the epoxy resin can dry to become a solid material. However, when used to bind things together such as pieces of wood, cement, fiberglass or metal, it becomes a super strong adhesive that cannot be removed. This is why epoxy resin it is the most trusted compound in jewelry making, aircraft building, and repair of various products.

2. Epoxy Resin for floor coating

As mentioned earlier, epoxy resin is a thermosetting compound that dries to become a solid material. It is heavily used in industrial areas as floor coating for its strength, durability, and resistance to various chemicals.

Aside from that, flakes and pigments are also usually combined with epoxy resin to make floor coatings more aesthetically pleasing. This is why it is also often used in floors of building lobbies and hotels.

3.  Epoxy Resin for art and decoration

Believe it or not, aesthetics is one of the greatest epoxy resin uses there is. Artists often use epoxy resin on their pieces to provide shimmer or provide a layer of protection to their painting. However, in some cases, artists and decorators use the material by adding pigment to it and use its initial watery consistency to create images, often to simulate water.  

4. Epoxy resin as a sealant

Due to its corrosion preventive function and hard solid finish when dried, epoxy resin is often used as a sealant to various materials. It is often used on various metals as a preventive measure against rusting, as well as a sealant to various decorative pieces that need to be kept together in place.

Epoxy Resin for beginners and professionals

Aside from its plethora of functions and uses, another great thing about epoxy resin is that it's easy to use. Professionals and beginners alike can use it for their projects without having to buy other machines or materials just to make it work.

Epoxy resin is usually prepared simply by mixing two compounds thoroughly before it is used or applied on any material. After application, just follow instructions on its curing time, and then voila! Your project is done. Epoxy resin is a versatile material that can make anything so much better with less fuss and relatively short time.

Hope this was helpful. 

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Epoxy resinEpoxy resin uses




I’d love to make some framed epoxy with flowers in it.

I just got some to try it out! Wish me luck



What would be the best epoxy to use on glass. I do a lot of glass crafting.

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