DIY Wakesurf Board

Most people don't know that they can make their own Wakesurf Board out of simple yet durable materials such as foam and epoxy. You can carry out these activities with friends and make it a fun project. To start this project, you will need materials like; foam, a low viscosity epoxy resin, fiberglass of about 6oz, an orbital sander, foam, a non-blushing slow hardener, mica pigment, a UV finish, spray gun, tabletop pro epoxy, mixing cups and stir sticks. There are several steps involved in the creation of your own Wakesurf Board. For those who want to create their Wakesurf Board from scratch, the following are the steps to follow:

Tracing out your board design

Once your materials are ready, the next step is to trace out your board design and cut it into the desired shape. After that, you will have to sand down all the surfaces and edges in preparation for the fiberglass and epoxy.

Glassing Your board

The next step is to glass your board. You have to cut out the 6 oz fiberglass to the shape of the board. After that, carefully measure the epoxy, mix thoroughly, and pour it on the fiberglass. After this, the next step is to spread the epoxy over the fiberglass, and you can do this by using a plastic spreader. While doing this, you have to be careful to get all the air pockets under the fiberglass out. Repeat this step two more times to create a strong and waterproof coating.

Customizing Board

The next step after glassing your board is to customize it. You can do this effectively with paint or with more epoxy work. This is what gives your wake surf board a more unique look. It is achieved by pouring epoxy onto the board and applying it to eliminate air bubbles. You will need to have two different epoxy colors in different cups: midnight-blue and grey. Pour the grey epoxy on the board surface and create color lines with a stick. Do the same with the blue paint and use a heat gun to remove the lines of color.

Applying Varnish

After the board has been painted and customized, the next step is to protect the epoxy coating. You can do this by applying a UV clear varnish with a brush or spray to protect the epoxy from yellowing due to exposure to direct sunlight. The board is then sprayed with a urethane varnish. Unlike the UV varnish, this can only be applied with a spray. After using the UV protectant, you are meant to allow the board to cure for a week, and after that, you can surf with no worries.

Finally, making a spectacular Wakesurf board also includes putting safety first. To know more about the numerous uses of epoxy, visit

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